BEOKAY + Original Art 006

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BEOKAY + Original Art 006

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An original 4.5" x 6" traditional drawing based on the artwork and content from BEOKAY: The Dark Art of Self-Therapy. A download code for a free copy of BEOKAY is included with this original artwork.

BEOKAY is an digital art archive featuring:

+50 personal pieces from these following art series:

  • I Am Resin (The Black Hare) : 26 illustrated prayers for self-esteem and presence

  • Animus Solo : Confronting, elucidating, and treating my destructive urges

  • I Am Anima : Redirecting my urges towards after feeling new depths of love

+100 illustrated sketch journal entries in three sections:

  • Heroes : Pursuing peace through positive imagery

  • Gargoyles : That darker subjects may bring light by repelling darkness

  • Sojourn : Transitioning to a new life. Sex Addict Anonymous group notes and art

+45 Autobiographical short story comics spanning +95 Pages

Consumer warning: This work includes sexual content and some themes of violence and abuse. While these contributes to an edifying narrative, please be of legal viewing age in your country for such content.

You can also purchase BEOKAY as just a digital download without the physical artwork for $25 at

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