Jonathan has taken over 600 commissions since freelancing in 2007.  Thanks to his one-of-a-kind workflow, he deftly produces work that is instantly recognizable from even a thumbnail. Beyond dynamic and emotional sketches, Jonathan aims to provide art you will proudly display in your home or public domain. His only stipulation? Each commission must fulfill a client need, and not just a want

Pricing, image rights, and other specifications are included in his Terms of Service.

- All digital, completed in Alchemy + Photoshop
- Increments of 60USD, starting at 180USD (60USD = 1 STIGSKETCH SLOT)
- Streaming available and likely!
- Progress shots available after +500USD

These examples are not exact. For low budgets, avoiding extra design elements (clothing, props) and keeping to simpler+abstract ideas will guarantee a better image.


(3 STIGSKETCH Slots for 180USD, Tight crop on body, minimal BG)


(4-5 STIGSKETCH slots, 240-300USD. Single character, some BG)


(8-9 STIGSKETCH slots, 480-540USD, Partial but crisply detailed body, more detailed BG)

(Custom print options available from this point, including playmats!)


(10-12 STIGSKETCH slots, 600-720USD, complex/multiple poses, hands+feet, complete but not a full scene) (Progress shots available at this budget)



(ILLUSTRATION, +1200USD, priced individually or paid as we go, full body and scene)


Email: jonathanvair(at)gmail(dotcom)
Subject: Commission Inquiry

Please prepare a reference email by addressing the following points:

1) Send (link or otherwise) character reference images, including good animal photos. If your character's design is an exotic or a hybrid but relates to real animals, please include these photographs as they help me confirm your intentions.

2) Share your relation to the character. If they're basically just you, that means I need to at least know you on a basic level to do your fursona justice. If the idea is complex, expect a conversation on it!

3) Share the most you're willing to spend on a commission. (No lower than 180USD, please). Include Paypal for invoicing.

4) Now that you've shared what you want, what do you need right now? Answer that however you'd like. All commissions are aimed to help the client face a positive direction.

All commissions accepted default to accepting my reasonable but necessary Terms of Service.
Please read the comments in this Patreon post for info on discounts and my personal tastes. 

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