Over the past 8 years, Jonathan has held mentorships with dozens of mentees, from a multitude of countries, backgrounds and skill levels, with diverse mediums and goals to pursue. His own experience includes over 600 commissions within the past 12 years, selling work and giving lectures at over three dozen conventions, 20,000+ hours of experience in digital art alone, and multiple professional illustration publications.

And he currently has openings in his mentorship program for you! But wait, what makes a successful mentorship work? If you possess:

  • The burning drive to be your best

  • A desire to improve the world around you

  • Willingness to face uncomfortable truths

Then you might be a great fit!

While most of Jonathan’s mentorships center around improvement in artistic ability, they never end there, as a person’s relationship to their artwork is always reflective of their broader life’s journey. You’ll receive not only guidance on how to improve your confidence in your drawing ability, but in how to manifest a purpose-driven life as well. In fact, some mentees are not artists at all, but instead treat their time in the mentorship program as a sort of life coaching. How your time as a mentee is structured depends upon your individual needs and pursuits.

Sessions are priced at $100/hr, and available on a weekly or fortnightly basis. If you’re interested in exploring a mentorship, email with any questions or to schedule an appointment.